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"I think he meets a like mind. That’s the fundamental attraction. He meets someone who is a challenge, who is rather good, and it takes him by surprise. The fact that he meets someone who is a worthy opponent is of great intrigue. There’s a side of her that’s utterly mysterious to him and he has to break through why he can’t read her. The fact that she is a difficult objective to overcome is what attracts him to her."

- Benedict Cumberbatch (x)

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Oberyn Martell in Two Swords

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Are you ready love? To travel between worlds? To fight mermaids and pirates? To find my ship? You’re ready for as you say, an swashbuckling adventure?… Well then, if you want to fight, let’s fight. Together.

captain swan au: on the year that passed, Killian confronted Blackbeard and in a bargain traded his ship by the potion that would bring Emma’s memories back.



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A sunny winter day by m-eralp


A sunny winter day by m-eralp

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